Tenant Support Update

I’m making headway with Tenant Support Services for next year.  On Monday, I met with Carl Hubbard from UW Purchasing Services to get a feel for how the bidding process works.  It turns out, once our proposal is done and out, it only takes 4-6 weeks to actually get the contract signed.  This is great news because it means we could have tenant services aimed directly at students by the start of the 2010 rental season.

The problem is getting the proposal together.  Working with Tenant Services Board, which currently is made up of Matthew Manes, Grant Smith, Erik Paulson, and fellow Campus First writer Adam Johnson, I am trying to outline a list of services that we can put in what is called our Request for Proposal (RFP), which is essentially a request for proposals that detail what services a prospective provider would put on.  This is the list of tentative services we would like to have so far:

  • Direct email for UW students with tenant questions
  • Direct phone call with set hours for UW students
  • General information on renting and tenant rights
  • A campaign aimed at rental rights for the campus
  • Proactive outreach to both dorm residents and incoming graduate students
  • Mediation and documentation of landlord/tenant disagreements
  • Subletting rights guide
  • Some sort of website
  • A detailing of how they will train advocates so as to avoid turnover problems

It may be unreasonable to assume that these services can all be provided with only $40,000, but we wanted to aim high.  If we can get a majority of these, it would be a huge victory for students.  I’d pay $1 a year to receive these services just in case.

If you have any more ideas, leave them in the comments!


3 Comments on “Tenant Support Update”

  1. Adam Johnson says:

    “Request for Proposal (RFP), which is essentially a request for proposals”

    Really? 🙂 Very eloquent, Sir.

    Not sure if this is part of the providing information part but this group should be really at SOAR at hitting Freshman there. That’s another idea.

  2. If you guys are interested in reaching out to freshman during SOAR please let me know. I work in the office of the Center for First Year Experience. The SOAR resource fair is always a great way to reach out to new freshman, transfer students, and their parents. It would also serve as a great platform to start educating campus about these new programs and services.

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