The Reconciliation Monster

How many others are spending their Sunday evening watching the proceedings of the Reconciliation Bill on CSPAN?  I know fellow Campus First author Brandon Williams is, so there are probably around 5 in the greater Madison area…

Since Reconciliation includes everybody’s favorite partial reform SAFRA, I will bring you guys up to speed on the proceedings thus far.

First off, there has been literally no talk about SAFRA this entire event.  In fact, I had to check online to see if this was even the same bill they are talking about.  Apparently, it is, but you couldn’t tell from any speakers Republican or Democrat.

I understand that for many Health care is a bigger issue and I’m not going to get into my views on that because it is not germane to SAFRA.  However, I am displeased that not even a one liner has been committed to the education reform that is included.

UPDATE:  Vote is happening momentarily.  Fate of SAFRA (and healthcare) to be decided in a moment.   And, it passes…not by much though.  It’s a real close vote.

HERE is a link to the bill’s analysis which is very good at laying out in clear terms what this bill does.  The part about SAFRA (Part II on page 9) is useful for getting the specifics without really reading the 153 page legislation.

So, while I’m disappointed that SAFRA was not as comprehensive as it SHOULD have been, I’m happy that students got something out of this deal.

Next up! County Board Debate recap, and a look at Madison’s Alcohol Density plan.  Sexy issues that will really directly affect students.  Stay tuned!


Apparently, that was not the Reconciliation Bill and was instead just Health Care.  The Reconciliation Bill is up next.  I’ll update with more.

Votes on Reconciliation coming in.  3 more needed for passage.  Pretty much sealed up.

And we’re good to go.  SAFRA is through the House…again…  Now, onto the Senate to see this debacle there.  If I have freetime during the proceedings, I will do a live blog of the event!  Sound exciting?  I think it does…

So good work students!  We are getting some good (but not comprehensive) reform and it will be beneficial.


8 Comments on “The Reconciliation Monster”

  1. TJ Madsen says:

    My was on C-SPAN all day!

  2. TJ Madsen says:

    My *TV* was on C-SPAN all day!

  3. CampusCaucus says:

    Nice! Maybe that estimate will go up a bit!

  4. campusfirst says:

    The Chairman on Higher Education gave a shout-out to SAFRA earlier in the debate. Health care is a sticky issue, and many know my views on it, but the SAFRA legislation will at least have a sizable impact on the accessibility if higher education.

  5. CF says:

    Did you watch Obey kick some ass tonight?

  6. campusfirst says:

    By the way, only one person mentioning the SAFRA legislation hardly seems transparent. ASM should take note.

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