NatUP? Let’s Not…

Alright, I’ll be honest, I like the designs for the new Natatorium.  It looks stylish, sharp, and modern.  The state-of-the-art facility will surely help Wisconsin’s Rec centers keep up with the other Big Ten schools that we are lagging behind. In fact, I would whole-heartedly vote in favor of it were there not two extenuating circumstances which prevent me from doing so.

When considering the impact of this project on our segregated fees in conjunction with all of the recent additions to our seg fees (think Union South), this project obviously has issues. 

$100 per year, per student for the next 30 years is the rough cost of the NatUP proposal.  Didn’t we just get screwed into accepting roughly $200 per year for 30 or so years for the rising concrete monstrosity known affectionately as Union South?  Yeah, we did.  

So, if this passes students will be shelling out an additional $300 per year for the next few decades for these two buildings.  This $300 dollar amount represents about a QUARTER of what students would pay in Seg Fees per year(barring huge substantial changes to the Seg Fee levy in the next few years).

Now, NatUP is asking students to foot this bill with the goal of soliciting  additional outside funding after students have committed? This seems bass-ackwards to me.  Ok, there is about 6% classroom space in the Nat so that means about 6% state funding maybe, and surely a few private donors will give to the project but with the bill already guaranteed by students, what is their incentive to actually do this?  Poor process, and poor planning.

First, in the past three years we will have increased future student burdens by a quarter? Second, there has been no attempt to secure outside funding nor is there anything in the proposal that formally binds them to do so. 

 I’m uncomfortable with that, and that’s why I am voting down NatUP.


2 Comments on “NatUP? Let’s Not…”

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