Whew, What a Week!

The polls have closed, the election results are in, a political slate holds 10 ASM Student Council seats, and the Nat Renovations have failed.  In addition, some controversy has arisen surrounding me, and I continue to try to do my lame-duck style job as SSFC Chair.  As the session comes to a close, however, there is still a lot of work to do.

First, let’s talk a bit about the election.  I’m not surprised to hear about the Nat failing, considering that the No New Seg Fees brought about awareness about what the cost of the proposal would be.  I was, however, shocked to see a 60-40 split (I thought it would be very close), with an astounding 35% voter turnout.  ASM has not seen such a turnout in its 16 years of existence–and likely won’t see a turnout like that again for a very, very long time.

Also, the MPower platform/slate got 10 of its 22-ish members on to the Student Council.  I would love to examine election results in ASM sometime, but it seems largely like a waste of time; it would merely satisfy my unique curiosity.  Either way, you can’t argue with the results, and it appears that this political “party” at least has a partial grab on ASM.  I don’t really have a problem with this, even though I wasn’t included in MPower, so long as they maintain an open mind and don’t vote along party lines.  ASM can be slow already, and we don’t need uninformed block voters slowing it even further; I’m not saying that’s what will happen, but ASM is not the place to play political congressmen.

Sadly, my counterpart here at the Campus First, Adam Johnson, was not elected.  Still, I think he will continue to be involved, especially through this blog and through his continued work in Legislative Affairs.  I’ll let him comment more if he wishes, so that I don’t speculate any more!

In other news, Tyler Junger, Kurt Gosselin, Tom Templeton, and myself have all been accused of violating the ASM bylaws.  It appears that it comes from our involvement in ASM last year, specifically voting on the internal budgets at some point in time.  I’m still trying to figure out the details, and where it is all coming from, so I will keep you posted.  I’m going to try to stay transparent with what happens, but you’ll have to be patient about this.


2 Comments on “Whew, What a Week!”

  1. Anon says:

    Max Love is UW-Madison’s Karl Rove and will do anything to grab power so he can pass a radical leftist agenda including anti-Jewish proposals.

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