Report 5-25

I have requested (and it is included in our Bylaws) that all committee Chairs submit Chair reports as a portion of their stipend.  As my commitment to those who elected me, I will also be completing these reports on a weekly basis.  Hopefully, this will serve as a method of being accountable to you, but please let me know if you would like additional information or have more questions about my work or the work of ASM.


In settling into the role as Chair, there were a number of administrative tasks to handle.  All Chairs have to be included on the University payroll, so I met with Financial Specialist Shana Treu to ensure that all paperwork was in line.  Additionally, ASM hires hourly positions, mostly in the press office, that are under my supervision.

I also held a meeting with Lisa Aarli to discuss staff roles within ASM, and how they would work with students for the coming year.  We discussed some of the staff projects over the summer and the work that each staff member will be doing.  More information is available upon request, specifically if you are curious in the staff jobs over the summer.

Lisa and I also discussed the ASM Foundation.  For those of you who don’t know, the ASM Foundation ( is an organization that was created around the 12th Session of ASM as a way to aid ASM through funding outside of segregated fees.  In the words of the mission statement:

“The Foundation’s mission is to provide financial, administrative, professional, legal and such other services and support as may be appropriate to the Associated Students of Madison. As a future 501(c)3 organization, the Foundation achieves this mission through charitable, educational and scientific work.”

Currently, the organization is in disarray, and there are only two of five non-student board members still within contact and there are no students serving on the board.  The two board members, despite being out of contact for some time, have both expressed interest in being reappointed.  In my opinion, the organization, which still possesses a sizeable amount of money, needs some rejuvenation and some fresh ideas.  As we move forward with examining it, I will keep you updated.

Tenant Support Services

I have received a tentative RFP (Request for Proposal) document from UW purchasing services.  This document is about 40 pages of legal information about how our contract with a non-university provider to offer tenant support and legal information for student renters is going to operate.  It details the specific services that ASM is requesting that they provide.  This is a huge step in the right direction for ASM, as we get closer to providing services for students.

On Thursday, I am meeting with Carl Hubbard from UW purchasing to discuss the RFP as we refine it and prepare it for release.  Once it is released, providers will begin offering proposals about how they would implement the programs we would like to see in exchange for the $40,000 in the ASM internal budget.  Then a team of evaluators will rate the providers, and one will be awarded a contract.  There is still a possibility that this will be implemented in time for the next rental season (which will hopefully be pushed back as we continue to fight for that at the city level.)

Other Items

This next week, I have several meetings lined up, so that you are aware:

  • Tuesday – Memorial Union Design Committee Meeting 6:00-9:00
  • Wednesday – Meeting with Former ASM VC Tom Templeton to go over transition materials
  • Wednesday – Meeting with UW Legal to discuss CFACT Lawsuit
  • Thursday – Meeting with Carl Hubbard to review RFP Document
  • Thursday – Meeting with Patrick Callan (Union President) to discuss ASM-Union relations
  • Friday – Meeting with Chancellor Biddy Martin to go over summer ASM work

As requested at the last student council meeting, I will inform everyone of the discussion at the meeting with Chancellor Martin.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brandon John Williams

Chair, Associated Students of Madison


3 Comments on “Report 5-25”

  1. maxwelllove says:

    Thanks Brandon I appreciate your accountability and transparency. Out of curiosity, have you been in contact with the lawyer about segregated fees and the sweep? Thanks and have a good summer!


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