Chair Report, June 30th

My report for the second part of June:


Stipend reports were due last week, and they can be found on the server if you are interested.

On Thursday, July 1st, I am meeting with Dean Lori Berquam to discuss a number of issues.  One of my priorities will be campus safety, which the Dean’s office does some work on.  Additionally, we will be discussing a number of issues about campus life.  Lastly, I am interested in discussing future ASM-ODOS relations as they pertain to oversight of ASM (we are technically a unit of the Office.

I also met with SSFC Chair Matt Manes’ suggestion for Accountability Liaison.  Already I can tell that he is going to do more with the position over the summer than I did all year, which is an incredible accomplishment.  Chair Nichols and I have agreed that his pick can be hired in the interim until Nominations has a chance to solicit and hire for the rest of the year.

ASM Foundation

Last week, I met with Jeff Pertle, who remains one of the two non-student ASM Foundation Board Members (we currently have no student board members.)  We discussed the history of the Foundation and what it was originally intended to do, and it seems to have become increasingly clear that one of the only viable options is to use the money as a scholarship fund.  There could either be one large grant or several small ones, and the mechanism for deciding who would receive the money is still undeveloped.  Nevertheless, this would be an excellent way for ASM to actually do something for the affordability of higher education.  The next step in this process is to contact the other remaining board member, who currently lives in California.  After that, we need to appoint student Board members, so that the Foundation can be functional again.

On Deck

Next week, I intend to have a number of meetings.  I want to meet with District Alder Bryon Eagon and UW Police Chief Riseling to discuss campus safety.  Another meeting with purchasing services to discuss the Tenant Services RFP will be necessary.  I am also meeting with the Grad Student Caucus to go over grad student issues for the coming year.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brandon John Williams

Chair, Associated Students of Madison


One Comment on “Chair Report, June 30th”

  1. Kurt G says:

    How would a scholarship fund work? Would you be using principle from the account or only the interest generated over the course of the year?

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