News Round-up

I promise at some point I will post about the Big Ten Students Conference from this past weekend.  In the meantime, I am trying to start a regular trend of news round-up here at the Campus First, similar to what the Sconz does over at the Isthmus.  It will be shorter, probably only a few that have to do with the campus.  Anyway, here we go…

A writer for the State Journal actually advocates for keeping the Humanities Building, which is notorious for its difficult to navigate halls and brutish, riot-proof structure.  “Years from now,” he questions, “will the citizens of Madison look back in regret and anger at the philistines who heedlessly traded a gem for a trinket?”

The bad news that nobody wants to hear: a sexual assault spree with nine (!) recorded assaults occurred on Sunday night.  The good news: it appears the suspect has been caught thanks to some local heroics.  This is a good time to remind everyone just how important it is for ASM to be actively involved in City and Campus safety.

President Obama, speaking at the University of Texas, Austin, “made the case that ‘education is an economic issue’ and restated his call for the United States to produce an additional eight million college graduates by the year 2020.”

And lastly, High Five!


One Comment on “News Round-up”

  1. CampusCaucus says:

    As long as the additional 8 million college graduates equates to more funding to accommodate these new students, it sounds fantastic. Otherwise, more students with the same resources doesn’t sound like the solution…

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