News Round-up: 8-11-10

Good morning, back from my McDonald’s breakfast run.  Here’s your news for the day.

Sad news from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Despite an effort to play catchup that ranks better than many of its peer universities, the University of Wisconsin-Madison remains among the public universities with the biggest gaps in graduation rates between white and African-American students….”  The University has, of course, taken steps to remedy what is inarguably a serious problem, but at this point, as Vice Provost for Diversity Damon Williams points out, the University is going to need to get creative to counter what is currently a 23.3% difference in graduation rate between white students and black students.

Campus construction is causing some headaches.  Are they just realizing this now?  And I guess its going to be delayed.

Mayor Dave has some competition.  How serious is it?

Good news from the Capitol for Higher Ed: “On Tuesday, members of the U.S. House of Representatives took a break from their annual August recess to give final approval to a bill that would provide $16.1-billion in additional Medicaid assistance. While that money will not directly benefit colleges, it will help plug states’ budget gaps and avert cuts to other areas, including education.”  This is especially important at UW Madison, considering that we not only took budget cuts, but had money taken by the state to fill budget shortfalls.

That’s all for the day, now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get that Chicken McNugget real bad.


2 Comments on “News Round-up: 8-11-10”

  1. come on says:

    Step one is to admit more qualified minorities

  2. Sounds like a plan says:

    How about we just let in the most qualified people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc?

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