News Round-up 8-12-10

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands, because I’m rounding up every news out here.  So you can run and tell that.

UW Madison’s power plant is ceasing its use of coal, and people are happy about it.

Press release from Washington, DC:  “U.S. Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold announced today that 22 colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin have been awarded TRIO Student Support Services grants totaling $7,337,627, offering first generation, low income and disabled students access to programs that will help them succeed in college.”  What is UW-Madison’s share?  $301,692 — which is the same as UW Superior.

Forbes released its rankings of the America’s Best College.  UW Madison ends up at *drum roll* …216??  What?  Methodology:  “The Forbes ranking is designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students. It attempts to help them evaluate things that many believe are important criteria when selecting a college.”  For more on how they picked, go here.

The man from the nine sexual assault charges on campus is now in custody.

Now if you will excuse me, its time to be cool as a cucumber.


2 Comments on “News Round-up 8-12-10”

  1. Kurt G says:

    UW was ranked at #212. weigh in on my critique of the ranking here:

  2. Michael Romenesko says:

    There you go.

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