News Round-up 8-16-10

Hope you survived your night without a home.  And just remember, anything you did when you were ten is probably meaningless compared to this.  Here’s your dose of news:

Hippie Christmas has come and passed.

Hmm.  Another set of college rankings, you say?  This time Madison comes in at 17.  Remember, this is coming just days after Madison was declared 212 by Forbes.  Are they completely arbitrary, or are some just plain wrong?

“In a continuing effort to crack down on unscrupulous colleges that collect federal student-aid dollars but provide little useful education in return, the U.S. Department of Education plans to develop a program to assess whether institutions are complying with existing laws and regulations.”  More here.

The number of applications to two year schools is on the rise.  Does it have to do with the economy?  My guess is yes.

That’s it for today, slow weekend overall.  Now get out and enjoy the beautiful day.  If anything, DO IT FOR THE PANDA!


One Comment on “News Round-up 8-16-10”

  1. Kurt G says:

    hmm…your link to NPS seems to not be registering as a pingback. Quite mysterious I must say.

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