ASM Express: Update 10-11-10

I’m trying a new thing where I post something every office hours.  Even just a link to somewhere else.  We will see how long it goes.

For those who haven’t yet read, I am working on an alternative to the SAFE Cab system.  This short post will just serve as an update to where I am at in this process.

I’m meeting with Patrick Kass, head of Transportation Services on Monday, October 18th to discuss the sustainability aspects of this program.  Instead of getting new vehicles for this, we could potentially use the UW Fleet vehicles that are used daily to run errands/monitor parking/ sit still every night.  This way, we save money by not purchasing new vehicles, and the University can generate revenue as we will have a contract with Transportation Services for use of the vehicles.  Of course, the details are still very foggy (or non-existent) but this meeting can serve as a good starting point.

Additionally, we have the support of Dean of Students Lori Berquam!  Not that it means much in itself but its nice to have friendly faces.

Finally, I’m arranging a meeting with Debra Beich, the contact person for Risk Management in charge of fleet policy and insurance to make sure that what we would like to do is both possible, and affordable.

That’s all for now, stay tuned.



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