Stop the Insanifees?

Sorry for the lack of TCF posts lately, but Brandon remains active over at The East Campus View!

From the latest post:

The TAA has launched a new campaign called Stop the Insanifees, with a full petition to support it.

There are a number of reasons to be skeptical of the campaign, specifically:

It essentially ties the non-allocable components of seg fees (UHS, Union, Rec Sports) to allocable (ASM, student orgs, bus pass), locking the non-allocable portion of seg fees at 81.7%.  What this means is that if allocable seg fees go down–which is a very realistic possibility given that SSFC has been very tough on budgets over the past few years (last year the GSSF, for instance, went down by $100,000)–the non-allocables must go down.  I think you would be laughed out of the room if you told UHS to decrease their budget.