Adam Johnson is NBA Jams “on Fire!”

My boy AJ has really enlightened us on the latest in a string of shared governance issues arising at the UW:

We have a wealth of Shared Governance committees but something fundamental is lacking: we still don’t have the equal respect from the Faculty Senate which continues to treat students as if we are not interested parties in the happenings on campus.

We still have to run to the Faculty Senate every time we want to establish a meaningful committee, submitting to their whims, and if it IS accepted as a committee, faculty majority memberships and chairship of the committee.  That’s not how Shared Governance is supposed to work, folks.

Preach it.  More so, what Adam didn’t mention in his post is that even administrators don’t seem want to truly acknowledge shared governance as a real right of students.  After we approached the Dean about putting students on what was clearly an alcohol policy group, she agreed that students needed to be involved.  The solution?  Appoint one student!

Its time that faculty and administration start seeing shared governance as a legal right and not simply a legislative convenience.



One Comment on “Adam Johnson is NBA Jams “on Fire!””

  1. […] committed huge blunders if not egregious violations of shared governance policy codes. See here and here. But to not even mention them as a group you must include in the process is just absurd. I hope […]

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