A “United” United Council?

Sam Seering, a United Council board member and ASM’s Legislative Affairs Vice Chair for City Affairs, has a new blog.  In a recent post about United Council, he mentions the specific problems of the New Badger Partnership as they pertain to a state-wide student organization such as UC:

What role would United Council play in this new system? In my recent discussions and experiences with UC staff it would appear that there would be no impact because UC is only tied to the Board of Regents, not through state statutes, but through policy. Upon closer examination though, cracks begin to appear in the foundation of our state-wide student group. With some campuses, such as Madison and Milwaukee, gaining new independence, students at those schools may begin to isolate themselves from other campuses like their administrations would do. With the two largest campuses nonexistent in the organization, larger cracks begin to form. Less funding would come into UC and staff and activities would have to be cut back out of necessity. Further isolation may be created when the remaining campuses differ on where the limited resources should be invested. A total collapse of the network of student bodies is not out of the realm of possibility, given enough time under this plan.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

But what Seering fails to see is that this has already happened–and in fact, its still happening.  Its no secret that I have been one of the biggest critics of the UC structure, and this is exactly why.  The organization spends much of its time trying to fill these “cracks,” making it wholly ineffective at doing its duty as a state-wide institution.  The only solution?  Truly uniting the body using Student Representatives (the Presidents and VPs from each school) and oversight from actually elected members from the individual campuses.  AJ has already covered this earlier today.


3 Comments on “A “United” United Council?”

  1. I’m sorry, but UW-Madison students should give absolutely two shits about UC if it comes at the expense of our school. Protect UW-Madison before caring about whether a school like UW-Stout has less influence over *our* institution’s affairs vis-a-vis UC. His heart is in the right place, but it comes across as an insider concerned about insider issues.

  2. CF says:

    Completely agree with CB. For the average UC-goer, there is little point in going to these conventions. There is too little accountability in the organization, and too little done by member students outside of the conferences.

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