We’re Focused on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

From the UW System’s President’s most recent Letter to the Editor in the Journal Sentinal:

Entrepreneurial UW faculty members today are winning more outside grants and contracts, engaging in cutting-edge research that requires very little state taxpayer support. In fact, academic research and development is now a $1.1 billion industry in Wisconsin – one that helps create well-paying private-sector jobs all across the state.

UW System’s research capabilities can contribute to Walker’s goal of creating 250,000 new jobs. In the near term, these jobs are for researchers paid with non-state funds and construction workers building new UW laboratories and clinics. Long-term gains will come from new well-paying jobs in the industries of the future. To reach that prosperous future – one we want for our children and grandchildren in Wisconsin – the state and the UW will have to step up to this challenge together.

With a Republican governor and a Republican controlled congress, its important to stress the economic impact of higher ed.  Its an investment.  You have to know your audience, or at least know who’s in control.


2 Comments on “We’re Focused on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”

  1. Adam J says:

    And don’t forget about Jobs!

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