Statements From Across the State

In this post, I’ll update statements from other UW schools as they are released. Hopefully, we can have more than just this first one 😉

This is Kim Behrendt and Tyler Borkowski of UW-Marinette. I think some of the points go into the Kim and Tyler’s personal politics, but overall, pretty focused on how it will affect our faculty and academic staff.

This is Johnathan Predaina, President of UW-Platteville’s response.  He goes into the other aspects of this that affect our community and is less student oriented than Kim and Tyler

Stout Oppoisition to Budget Repair Bill

Here is a link to a resolution passed by UW Stout against the bill.  Very concise, and pertinent. I like their style.

Firstly, it comes as no surprise that 25 faculty staff members are either resigning or retiring from UW-Superior. Across the state, UW higher education employees have already experienced 3% pay cuts by furloughs. They should not have to face another 8% taken from their hard-earned and much deserved pay.

Secondly, we oppose a budget repair bill that would strip public employees of their rights to collectively bargain within Wisconsin. The proposal will affect thousands of workers, including the faculty and staff of every University in the UW system. We do not want to work in a state that cannot negotiate for fair pay benefits that are competitive and the maintenence of students rights and labor relations.


UW-Superior SGA

Clearly, this is from UW-Superior.  Thanks for sending me the releases guys!

Just to point out, at Madison and Milwaukee, the part that we are focusing on most is grad students.  Faculty have their own representation up there as do staff, but TA’s don’t; except for other students.  If we don’t pick up that mantle, who will?

We have hard copies of statements from Marinette, Eau Claire, Stout, and Milwaukee as well so hopefully we can get those up soon too!


2 Comments on “Statements From Across the State”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I wanted to make sure you were aware that the UWSP Chancellor sent this out today:

    From: Patterson, Bernie
    Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 3:04 PM
    To: Faculty/Staff List
    Subject: Update on Budget Repair Plan

    Dear Friends,

    Since Friday, when I distributed Governor Walker’s communication on some of the details in his budget repair proposal, a number of you have shared with me your concerns and frustrations. Thank you very much for your feedback.

    This is difficult for each of us. My hope is that we will stand together, now more than ever, and come through this crisis as an even stronger community.

    The governor’s staff informed us last week that furloughs will end on June 30. That is good news. However, the newly proposed hikes in employee contributions to our benefits are likely to hit paychecks harder than the mandatory days off. Our business affairs office is looking at the proposal and we will have some projections later this week on what the governor’s plan would mean to your net pay.

    I believe it is critically important that the governor and our legislators hear from their constituents. Given the likelihood of fast action on the budget repair plan, I would urge you to share your written viewpoints with your elected representatives even as quickly as this evening when you get home from work.

    I have attached to this message a letter that one of your colleagues sent to Governor Walker. I think it does an excellent job of putting a face on the situation. In addition, here’s just a sampling of some comments from some more of your faculty and staff colleagues:

    “These reductions, especially in the area of health insurance deductions, will hit the Classified Staff very hard.”

    “I have already heard of colleagues who will be job searching and staff who receive poverty level salaries who will look elsewhere for work.”

    “We are already hurting because of the furloughs. I am very concerned that I will have to leave state service for the private sector, although I would rather remain working at the university.”

    Some helpful background documents are at the following links:

    Governor Walker’s communication to state employees

    The Wheeler Report details of the governor’s plan

    Message to UW system employees from President Reilly and Regent Pruitt

    These items appear on the Web site Talking Point. Please consider opting in to this site. Follow this link, and when you see “Grassroots” on the site’s black navigation bar, click on the drop-down link to “Join.” On this site you will find several useful background documents and direct links to your own legislators’ e-mail accounts. Links to these articles are also posted on my home page.

    Again, I urge you to join us in making your voices heard. Let’s stay constructive and use this urgent time to demonstrate to our new governor that this university and the rest of the UW System are central to solving our state’s economic problems.

    I will be in touch with you again this week by e-mail, and I encourage you to continue to share your questions and concerns by email and we’ll do our best to find the answers.

    Please know that now, more than ever, I thank you for all that you do for UW-Stevens Point.

    Bernie Patterson

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