Let’s Have a Sleepover!

The Joint Finance Committee will be hearing testimony for a long, long time and many students are camping out to be sure their own voices are heard AND to keep others company.  Here is the quote from an email I just received.

Dear UW Community,

The quality of our university is at risk of being severely damaged. To perserve and improve our university, you need to make your voice heard and come to the Capitol TONIGHT. Students, graduate employees, staff, faculty, and everyone who cares about the University of Wisconsin and the State of Wisconsin will be staying overnight at the Capitol until everyone of us have had our chance to speak. Bring your pillows and blankets, we’re in it for as long as it takes.

People are publically voicing their concerns with Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill which will drastically reduce the ability of the UW to continue its mission as a world-class learning and research institution.

We Badgers need to have our say. Tonight come down to the Capitol.


Committee to Defend the UW

If you still want to do something, head up State St.  Enjoy the company and make yourself heard!

It seems to be an interesting ruse to delay the vote.  If the Public Testimony goes until tomorrow morning when the buses get here, a new wave of people will sign up and prolong the event.  The original plan was to have the Senate vote on this Monday but its looking like JFC might be going into Thursday.  Should be an interesting next few days…


One Comment on “Let’s Have a Sleepover!”

  1. […] there are even plans for the “protesters” to run a citizen filibuster and “sleep in” the capital to delay the vote on the budget […]

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