Updates, Information Correcting

It was an awesome, peaceful rally yesterday which garnered a lot of media attention and annoyed many legislators, as most rallies are wont to do.

Today’s version is scheduled to be larger and more vociferous in opposing Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.  However, I must stress the VITAL importance that students, under no circumstances, should escalate the rally.  I don’t care if the National Guard is there with shields, they can have them.  If a student is the one to escalate this, we lose.  We look like idiots, who don’t know how to peacefully assemble and hurts our future attempts to rally.

Just don’t do it.  Go there, chant, yell, whatever.  Just don’t provoke an escalation.


In other news, Sam Seering has a great critique of the College Republicans email that was sent out this morning. I do support trying to explain the side that has been left out of this debate, but don’t lie about it.

That’s all for now folks, I’m heading to the capital.


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