An Independent Madison?

Well, my post earlier today was just a bit too early I guess.

The AP is now reporting that Governor Walker’s budget will call for much more autonomy for the UW-Madison.  To the tune of separating from system, something the Chancellor, and everyone else in system, has been adamantly against.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out next Tuesday.  Although it’s not totally out of line with my foreshadowed theory… 😉  Come back to see more!

Update! Here is the letter UW System sent to Team Walker upon hearing the rumor. Notice that the entire UW-System has (in bold letters too) been advocating for more flexibilities a la the Badger Partnership as well.  This isn’t just our Chancellor acting here. Something to remember.

And HERE is Chancellor Martin’s response.

Everyone needs to calm down on this one.  We have NO IDEA what this proposal entails and won’t until next week.  Let’s focus on what is in front of us and when the details of this are released, we can rationally and reasonably analyze them.



One Comment on “An Independent Madison?”

  1. […] removed many references to Chapter VI (UW employees) from the state process. This, as I argued previously is step 1 of a 2 part process to implement the plan.  Check those changes out here REPEAL OF SUB […]

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