New Light on New Badger Partnership

Lost in the hubbub of the previous 96 hours has been the implications of the Budget Repair Bill on the New Badger Partnership.  More specifically, what has Governor Walker’s actions meant for the future of UW system flexibilities.  For those needing a refresher, here is my post regarding the NBP.

So, obviously the portions of the Governor’s bill that everyone knows well are

  • Eliminate Collective Bargaining except for salaries
  • Increase worker contributions to retirement and healthcare
  • Eliminate furlough days
  • Prevent layoffs

I tried to include the pros and the cons here because I’ve received flak for being one sided, which I agree, I have been.  There ARE some potential net goods to this bill and it wouldn’t be fair of me to fail to mention them.

Regardless, the big issue is how the Governor handled UW  employees and the UW overall in this bill.

  1. One way of looking at this is the Governor attacked the UW specifically by including language regarding UW employees and bundling them with the other workers who now are paying more, shows that the Governor is not treating the UW uniquely and that it too will face massive cuts next Tuesday on Budget Release Day. (Yeah, those kind of events are holidays here at The Campus First 🙂 )
  2. Secondly, one could see this as the first step towards actually granting more flexibilities to the UW (a la the Badger Partnership).  The employees are now less public union-y and more in line with what private workers pay in terms of health care, and retirement so the transition is partly done.  By saving money here, less is cut on Budget Release Day.

What’s more believable?  I have my own theory along with a truckload of evidence, but I’m waiting until this weekend to share that to see if anything new emerges.

One way or another, we are in for a busy, busy semester.



2 Comments on “New Light on New Badger Partnership”

  1. Brandon W. says:

    Good post. This is either Walker sticking the middle finger to the UW and taking the Nass approach or its a possible indication of flexibilities to be granted. Time will tell…

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