Republican Amendment to Budget Repair Bill

From WisPolitics we have reports of the details of a Republican amendment to the Budget Repair Bill.

Changes that I can see:

  • Sunset clause on elimination of collective bargaining on wages, health care, and pensions. It would be reinstated in 2013, presumably to allow for the austerity measures to actually be effective before bargaining again
  • Other areas of collective bargaining are not removed (so grad students can bargain for tuition remission still!)
  • Increase in healthcare and pension contributions to 7-8%
  • Removes a few union restricting provisions of Walker’s bill
  • Puts a sunset clause on the tying of public wages to the price index to end after 2013


First analysis however looks good for our Grad Students.  Our TA’s and such will maintain the ability to bargain for the most essentially element of their package. If this is true and is adopted, ASM may have to step back its role in the protests, if the directly student concerns are appeased.  But that’s another day.

DISCLAIMER: I have not read the actual language and I’m just interpreting what I linked to.  I may likely be wrong.

Stay tuned.



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