Today’s Legislative Agenda

So just a quick update on where the Budget Repair Bill actually stands legislatively right now.


Today, Friday 18th

  • The Senate continues to stand without the 14 Democrats but may be solved as reports indicate that at least one of the 14 is back in Wisconsin. Nevertheless, their own estimates show that the Dems won’t be back until tomorrow for a vote.
  • The Assembly, however, is likely to vote on it today and have a wide  enough margin to pass there.


Saturday, the 19th.

  • GOP/Tea Party counter rally
  • Likely Senate vote on bill.


If the senators don’t return, then things get interesting.  The GOP will likely place non fiscal items of importance on the agenda, essentially playing chicken with the Democrats.  Placing an item like the Voter ID bill, or Stem Cell Research on the agenda dares the lawmakers to come back and I think would be the likely course of action. Or they could just create a new issue, like internal standing rules, or something else entirely.


I wager this thing passes by tomorrow and signed on Monday by the governor.  Keep up the protests but I, personally, am shifting my efforts to preparing for the budget announcement and the implications THAT has the UW.

Best of luck to all of you.



One Comment on “Today’s Legislative Agenda”

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