Updated: Rage Against the Machine to Head to Madison?

Rage Against the Machine, the popular rap rock group that gained success throughout the nineties, may come to Madison to help support the protests at the capitol.  This is, as I understand it, unconfirmed, although twitter has been exploding about it.  This according to the following tweets:

@DefendWisconsin “Concert for Rights” Mon 5PM: Tom Morello, The Nightwatchmen, Rage against the Machine, Wayne Kramer, The Street Dogs.

@thesconz rage against the machine coming to paly in support#wiunion

@dailycardinal Rage Against the Machine and Ben Harper to perform Monday at 5 p.m. (via @UCSEC#wiunion

I’m waiting for an official news source to confirm, since the Rage website hasn’t been updated in months.  Given their activist roots, their presence would not surprise me.

Updated 2/19 @ 2:10 pm: It appears that it will not be Rage Against the Machine, but it will be Tom Morello.  Morello is the lead guitarist for RATM and also has his own acoustic band, the Nightwatchmen.  I will try to keep you update.

Press release available here.


One Comment on “Updated: Rage Against the Machine to Head to Madison?”

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