New Badger Partnership: The Support Grows

World famous Professor William Cronon wrote a letter to the Board of Regents today and makes many pointed comments and eloquently makes a fantastic case for the New Badger Partnership.

Some select quotes

Anyone who pretends this isn’t true [UW-Madison faces problems of a different magnitude than the others] hasn’t thought hard enough about the ongoing miracle that Wisconsin–a state never more than middling in its population and wealth–has somehow, astonishingly and against all odds, managed to sustain one of the greatest public research universities in the world.

Truth. This is amazing when you think about it and needs to be preserved.

I ask those who may be sharpening their knives and planning to dress down (or, far worse, bring down) Biddy Martin for what she has sought to achieve in the Badger Partnership–no, I beg them–to ask themselves whether they honestly believe this university would be better off without her–or better off with her effectiveness substantially diminished by wounds inflicted in a moment of anger.

If anyone thinks this University would be better without a Chancellor that cares enough about us to risk her own job,  they really need to rethink their metric of evaluation. Chancellor Martin has been one of the best things f0r the UW and we need a visionary for these tough times.

We have that leadership in Chancellor Biddy Martin.  I hope we will not be so foolish as to undermine her authority or weaken her ability to lead this great university at a time when strong leadership has never been more needed.


7 Comments on “New Badger Partnership: The Support Grows”

  1. George Minor says:

    Could you point me to the section in Cronon’s letter where he “makes a fantastic case for the New Badger Partnership”? I read it several times, and even as a skilled writing instructor, I couldn’t find it.

    • Adam J says:

      I pointed out the areas where I felt he made a strong case for the need for a re-evaluation of the current models.

      Cronon did not endorse the NBP but he did speak strongly in favor of what the Chancellor was doing and championed the ideals of the NBP: Madison needs something a little different than everyone else and that we face incredible competition from outside institutions that force us to re-think how we’ve been operating.

  2. mieder says:

    Have to agree with previous poster

  3. martin Lopez says:

    In her most recent state-funded communique, Biddy says, “We’re gaining momentum” on the NBP. What a crock. She’s only lost momentum. She speaks of the Wisconsin State Journal endorsement, as if it’s something new. Hah. The Wisconsin State Journal is the Wall Street Journal of Madison; right wing, purely ideological rag that it is, they’ve been behind the public authority from the beginning. Their endorsement rings hollow in the silence of the Wisconsin paper of record, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    Then she tries trotting out the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, the largely suburban and exurban (read: conservative) cousin to the more serious and more-influential Downtown Rotary Club. Why doesn’t she mention the resolution of support from the School of Pharmacy’s Board of Visitors? Perhaps because of the embarrassing heinousness that is the pharmaceutical industry? She trumpets the “success” of the privatized Wisconsin Institute for Discovery–whose slick building and even slicker lobbyists–brings in millions from private industry, yet whose mission has almost nothing to do with the citizens of Wisconsin.

    In the face of Biddy’s public relations onslaught, I take comfort in the day, not long away, when the legislature finally takes Biddy to task for wasting millions of state dollars on the no-holds barred PR campaign that is the NBP. Biddy, your days are numbered. The NBP is dead in the water. Your desperation only secures that fact.

    • mieder says:

      Agree with that as well. It would be nice if the writers for this blog would respond to some of the very valid criticism people raise here, but it seems that’s not really part of the campusfirst blog. Too bad, cause people might read it more if it was.

      • Adam J says:


        I would respond but I feel that it would be a waste of both of our times.

        You state that the WSJ endorsement is meaningless (the WSJ is actually the Paper of Record not the Journal Sentinel, by the way) and that the Chamber of Commerce support is invalid because it is not centered in the urban areas and thus is more conservative.

        Your arguments are partisan and useless in the broader conversation of what should be the direction of the university keeping in mind the history of many straight years of budgetary cuts across all party lines.

        Wisconsin simply hasn’t funded education, and as much as I fervently wished that wasn’t so, it is. We need to think outside the “fight for more money” argument.

        And if Biddy is fired for doing what she thinks is best for the campus (which many students and faculty agree with) then there is truly no hope for this state.

  4. Adam J says:

    In a general reply to previous posters:

    1) I apologize for the delay. The Campus First has been on a hiatus due to finals and the end of the Student Government Session.

    2)I will use the reply function to respond to each of your points

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