New Badger Partnership: Going Viral?

The folks over at North Park Street alerted me to this video this morning and I thought it was worth posting on here.

While I’ve already gone over some of the criticisms in earlier posts, this video serves as a very brief summary of those points.  And it’s catchy and I just like it.

Disclaimer: After watching it a few times, I noticed some of the language used in the rebuttals is similar to my own commentary on this blog but neither I nor Brandon made this video.  Neither of us would even know where to begin…


3 Comments on “New Badger Partnership: Going Viral?”

  1. Kurt G says:

    Must feel good to know someone reads your posts though if they used your commentary?

  2. Erik Paulson says:

    The TAA has backed away from their first email, and has acknowledged that it was not accurate. From what I hear, there were a number of people who expressed concern on the contents internally, and I expect the rhetoric from the TAA to be less heated and more focused in the future. They should be applauded for that.

    At this juncture, I don’t think this video helps elevate the debate, nor makes it easier for the TAA to live up to their commitment. I don’t know who made it, but I assume that I know them, so I’ll be up front: please don’t make any more for the time being.

    There may come a time when this comes down to sound bites versus sound bite and anonymous Internet videos, and I expect the people who have already made up their minds in opposition to go there first, but I hope we can have a better debate.

    If you are my friend and you made the video, I’d be happy to talk to you in detail on why I think you should wait on posting any more videos to ‘SaveBiddyMartin’. Until then, the truth is all the defense she needs.

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