Senior Class Officers

So as some of our readers already know, I am running for Senior Class Vice-President against a good friend of mine, Tom Templeton.  My motives for running are not personal but an overall dissatisfaction with the operation of the officers in the past and ideas on how to make being a senior here an overall better experience.

I’ve been frustrated in the past with the secret, almost clandestine nature of the senior class officers.  Making decisions that will affect all their fellow Badgers on one of the most important days of their lives seems ill-advised.  Let’s hold some forums to talk about what the class and campus want to see from graduation. Additionally, the senior class gift is something that I’ve never heard great discussions about, despite being good friends with nearly all the current senior class officers. We should have discussions about how we will be remembered on campus (I’m partial to a golden Mike Leckrone in the place of the Football-Phallus near Camp Randall 😉

Questions about graduation are numerous as well. Do we want a single big ceremony at Camp Randall? Do we prefer the smaller, intimate sessions at the Kohl Center more?  What about a mixture?  For some, the goal is to get the hell out as soon as possible. For others, the thrill of walking across that stage, shaking Chancellor Martin’s hand and getting that diploma is the memorable event instead of any speaker.  These are legitimate and nuanced questions that the class officers must face and I’m dedicated to asking for feedback.

With ASM passing a Commencement Speaker fund this year, we should be able to attract some top tier speakers and make graduation visible nationally, but we must remember that the ultimate goal is service to our graduating Badgers. National recognition means nothing if our students feel slighted.

I’m committed to an inclusive and thoughtful tenure in office and I’d like for all of you (that are in Madison, at least) to join with me in this effort. Together, we can make this a class to remember.



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