Senior Class Officer: Differentiation

(Warning: lots of text: Tl;dr version below)

I’ve heard from many people, public and private, that there is a question about what differentiates me from Tom in this race.  I’ll be the first to admit that there are similarities: we both were Vice-Chair of ASM, we come from the student government mindset, and we have a history of campus controversy.

But after that, I feel I gain the edge.  Senior Class Officers are about constituents and challenging your own point of view. This is about discussion. God bless Tom, I love him, yet I feel that I am more capable of having a true and frank discussion. This position doesn’t craft policy, nor govern. This position makes graduation and our legacy awesome; this I feel warrants a phenomenal amount of discussion.

I was an ASM Council Rep for two years, talking consistently with my contacts, classes and friends (which did not address everyone, but was an effort) and I was also a Board member for United Council representing all of Madison

Being a Board Member of United Council certainly brings a perspective of what being a leader at Madison truly means to the state.  Our research affects how many people apply to their schools. Our athletics brings theirs to a higher national prestige, and our curriculum works with theirs to ensure that students across the state receive a fantastic education and that their diploma will be lifted by the “University of Wisconsin” brand that we help establish.

Through this, I bring a statewide perspective. Our graduation ceremony not only represents us, but it showcases Wisconsin as a whole. Our values are reflected in our speaker and the process. Currently, we value community minded individuals in a small intimate ceremony, which reflects the “Good neighbor” Wisconsin we all know and love. Should this change? Perhaps. But I know I’m not the one who should be making that call with my friends.  Discussions need to be had.


So, the tl;dr version of this is: I think I’m better at having discussions and making this a transparent and open position than Tom is.

Feel free to ask questions!


PS: I originally wrote this as a Facebook comment which is why the length is odd for a post like this.




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