Thoughts on TCF?

Hey readers of TCF (which according to our stats, is about 25 of you),

So as many of you may know, this has been a busy time for Adam and I.  We just finished our term up as the coolest ASM Chair/Vice-Chair combo in history, AJ is finishing up finals and has a lot to talk about, and I’ve started blogging at North Park Street.

Yes, indeed it is a busy time.

Yet as I write this and procrastinate on writing my final 40ish page research paper, I wonder: what does the future of The Campus First look like?  NPS allows me the ability to write about whatever I want, not necessarily about the campus.  But there will always be a special place in my heart for TCF.  It started on blogspot when I was SSFC Chair, grew into a wordpress page, and gained an author, all while trying to convey ideas and thoughts on ASM and the campus.

I’ve thought about keeping TCF as a place for Adam and I to discuss in depth campus things, almost like a policy wonk blog, not really for general readership.  I’ve also considered using it as almost a clipsheet style page, taking news bits weekly and creating a forum to discuss them.  And I’m sure Adam has many of his own ideas.

But what do you guys think?  Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated.



2 Comments on “Thoughts on TCF?”

  1. tomtempleton says:

    Coolest ASM Chair/VC??? ouch…

  2. Shadow Government says:

    Someone needs to fight against the new ASM leadership who are sure to tear apart all the progress that has been made in recent years. This could become the hub for the shadow government.

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