Zombie Day, a Basket of Negative Publicity

I’ll preface this by saying that I am on the Board of Directors of United Council, which seems to imply that I was part of a board that could, you know, direct action for the organization. Well, this novel concept is not very well embraced in United Council, and today’s “Students are as good as dead to legislators” Zombie Day was no exception.  The plan for students to come, dressed up as the living dead is certainly a cute idea but cute doesn’t have  a lot of currency around the Capitol, even among Democratic offices.

Now, United Council has done stupid things before, and I’ve even participated, but at least the stupid events that I’ve done have been with approval from the Board. Newly elected President of United Council Seth Hoffmeister, if you’re reading this, please use this occasion, regardless of if you like or dislike the event, to assert the Board’s authority over staff.

United Council internal crap aside, I have numerous other problems with the horde.

  1. Poor theatrics. Staffers didn’t know they were Zombies unless I told them about the event because the makeup was ambiguous and the students were walking around like normal. You have to sell these things.
  2. Don’t commit crimes by smearing your paint on the carpet of the Co-Chair of JFC’s office. Additionally, if you do a “die-in” somewhere, the last 3 students who haven’t been dragged out should NEVER just get up and leave. Way to stay united on that one.
  3. Don’t disrespect other students for the sake of spiting anyone. Especially fellow students. Especially those being honored in a state-wide ceremony. This was a once in a lifetime thing for these kids and it was ruined for a quick photo op. Think it really affected Governor Walker’s morale? No, but I can bet that he was mad as hell for the athletes whose ceremony you interrupted. I know I am mad as hell for those athletes when I wasn’t even there and I’m VERY sympathetic to the plight of students, you know, from being one. Edit: Video added below

I’m most upset about the Special Olympics ceremony but I know many folks have chimed in on Facebook and over at North Park Street on the topic so I’ll refrain from repeating those.
And as a side note, the staffers who saw the zombies request werewolves, pixies, and ogres next. So, there’s something.

5 Comments on “Zombie Day, a Basket of Negative Publicity”

  1. M John Love says:

    Ahhhhh please Adam, please someone at least check with United Council before saying it was their idea to “interrupt” the Special Olympics ceremony. Please at least check the website: http://unitedcouncil.net/ anywho, this definitely isn’t the type of event for me to participate in, but I think it IS good to have a wide range of actions, as long as they don’t interrupt something like this, that probably wasn’t the best choice, but it’s not like the United Council folks did it, or endorsed it, so please I just wish someone would fact check first =)

    • Adam J says:

      Max, I’ll update this post later to reflect some of the points you brought up. But overall I have two responses.

      1) Zombie Day was a UC creation and Zombies disrupted the Special Olympics ceremony. Regardless of if UC condoned it or not, they are going to bear the brunt of the fallout for it. Unless another group wants to take responsibility, the blame will, either rightly or wrongly, fall on UC.

      2) I’m on the Board of Directors (as are you). We shouldn’t have to “check with United Council” for the facts. We should already know them! The fact that as Board members we still have to check with staff to see if our organization did something is absurd.

      I know that UC didn’t actively promote the disruption but because all most people saw were Zombies and the Zombies were brought by UC, that’s where the blame falls. Its not fair, but that’s where the court of public opinion will take it.

    • Brandon W. says:

      I got the press release and saw that UC was trying to rid their hands of this before Adam or NPS posted on it, so I did the “fact checking” first. What doesn’t change is the association related to the protest. If UC is going to organize a UC-sponsored event with such a distinct identification (aka zombies) they need to make sure that all of their protesters are warned of the dangers of negative protesting, told the rules of UC’s events, and fully kept in line as long as the connection exists. For instance, if the protesters who rudely interrupted this event were not wearing zombie makeup, the connection almost instantly goes away.

      • M John Love says:

        You’re right, it was tied to United Council, now hopefully some people will be on damage control to take care of it and regardless of the original action and how you feel about it, at least you (and Kurt, and others) can be rest assured it was not planned, initiated, endorsed, sponsored, etc. by Untied Council to interrupt the Special Olympics Ceremony.

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