About the Authors

Brandon Williams:

As Chair of the Associated Students of Madison, I’ve become familiar with every facet of ASM, exploring the financial backing and operation of each component.  I’ve also become very informed on UW policies, viewpoint neutrality, and segregated fee expenditures.  As a Student Council representative, I’m devoted to what I consider the three pillars of ASM: Advocacy at administrative, state and national levels, Services for students, and Membership in the shared governance process.  With these, I am helping to shape ASM into the useful and functioning body that it has the potential to be.

Adam Johnson

I currently serve as ASM Vice-Chair and previously served as the Chair of Legislative Affairs.  I’m also a member of the Board of Directors of United Council and a former legislative assistant at a prominent Madison lobbying firm.  Through all four of these capacities, I have gained a wealth of experience regarding legislative process, state law, and how to maneuver student rights through this maze. Brandon and I have different areas of expertise and that’s what makes this blog exciting.


One Comment on “About the Authors”

  1. […] Brandon Williams of the ASM leadership recently started up a blog. Take a look at his site. More on Brandon: As Chair of the Student Services Finance Committee, I’ve become familiar with every fact of ASM, […]

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